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Last updated: 12/22/2011 5:49 AM CST

This is a reference page set forth to show horses that we've had or are related to ones we have/had.


30" Leopard appy.

Sulphuras Apache Rain

Apache Rain

Click to see his papersHe is a 32 ½” Silver Dapple Blanketed Appaloosa, AMHA/AMHR Registered and has personality plus. Rain comes to us from Tennessee, Thank you Gayle Thompson for this fine stallion. Rain is of Stouts and Sulphuras breeding.
Click here to see his 2003 foal!

Thank you Marge Sleeth of Rockwood Farms, Cordele GA for giving Rain a wonderful home and mares of his own. Thank you also letting us give your beautiful pinto mare Lacey a new home, we love her very much.

Hocks Danny Boy

Click to see his papers
Danny has been sold to:
Reehana Schroeder from Onoway Canada

Danny is another herd sire at Lil Dreams Farm. He is solid Bay, 32" tall and AMHA/AMHR Registered. He is of Komokos breeding. In 2002 we had our first foal from Danny, a 19" - 19 pound little Bay filly that is very upheaded and refined with plenty of knee action and a trot to die for, just like Danny.
Click here to see his 2006 foal!
Click here to see his 2006 foal!
Click here to see his 2006 foal!
Click here to see his 2005 foal!
Click here to see his 2004 foals!
Click here to see his 2002 foal!

Komokos Son Of Running Brave


BraveClick to see his papersBrave is a 31-1/4" Black appaloosa with a Star and Spots on his rump. He is AMHA registered.

Clearview farms Mary Santana

Click to see her papersMary is a Silver Dapple Appy with a small blanket and large brown spots.  She is of Stouts breeding and is AMHA/AMHR registered.  Mary has a wonderful mellow personality. She even allows the small children to sit on her while she grazes.
Mary now has a 2006 foal. Her price has been reduced to $900.00 without foal. She is being sold because my breeding program is moving towards smaller "A" size minis. She threw this appy colored colt bred to a solid Bay stud. Will sell her uniquely colored appy Colt Splash separately, for $1,700. You can see him on the 2006 Babies page.

Click to see her 2005 foal and 2003 foal.

Leyden Acres Little Princess

Little Princess

Pictured above are both Leyden Acres Little Princess & Lil' Dreams Mis Chief
Princess is a Bond daughter who is AMHA/AMHR Registered. She gave us this small, fine Bay filly named Mis Chief in 2002. She has a beautiful temperament and is an excellent mom.
Click here to see his 2002 foal!
Click here to see her 2005 foal!
Princess Click to see her papers

Princess is pictured here as she turned 18 years of age in 2003.

Bond Rollback

Sire to Princess.
Bond Rollback



What do you mean I'm not a Mini Horse, I'm the same size? My name is Cupcake and I am as precious as they come. Thank you Carol Behrens for this sweet little addition. Cupcake is an adorable Mini Donkey and she will be my herd protector. They say the hooves are vicious when it comes to predators.

Lil' Dreams I'm a Jewel

Cupcake's 2005 Jennet
Jewel has been sold to Donna Smith of GA
Click here to see more pictures of them.

Lil' Dreams I'm a Jewel

Farlo Acres Pebbles

She is checking out Atlas who is taller than she is.
Dun Leopard Appy mare foaled 06/01/03
Pebbles is currently 30 1/4" and a real sweetheart

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