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Last updated: 12/22/2011 5:49 AM CST

For Sale

Prices subject to change!

Cay Lees Black Satin & Lace
  Lacey Zero
Splashharnessfor sale
Lacey and her foal are for sale. BOTH are AMHA/AMHR registered and papers are up to date! Lacey is a 2002 Model Black with minimal white 31" mare but she is HOMOZYGOUS. Her sire is Little Kings Echos Omega, Grand sire is Little Kings Buck Echo out of Boones Little Buckeroo. She has had 3 Beautiful foals for me, all have been PINTO fillies and two were from solid stallions. Her foals have all been correct and refined. She is a sweet mare and has no trouble foaling. LIL-DREAMS SUB ZERO was born 02-10-11 (the temperature was -16) She too is a very friendly sweet natured filly. $500.00 each or $900.00 for the pair.

for sale
More pictures available upon request.
All horses are correct!

(Prices and sales subject to change.)

All Horses listed below are sold

Lil-Dreams Impressive Splash

Spkash Show

SoldSplash is a very sweet uniquely colored AMHR registered gelding.  He has a wonderful mellow personality, can be lead by small children. Has been shown the last 3 years in Halter, Liberty and Trail by Autumn above who is under 12. He ties, trims, baths and clips. Loves to get in the trailer and go. Been in Parades (4th of July) and is currently being trained in harness. He measured 36 1/2" this show season. He loves attention and will be the first to great you in the pasture. Mary's & Danny's filly born on 05/31/06
Lil Dreams I'm A Shooting Star

Pea Wee

Click to see her papersSoldAMHA/AMHR
Pea Wee is a Bay Roan Appy with lots of appy background. Foaled 04/30/04 and is 30 1/2".
She sells with a breeding certificate for a possible late summer 2010 foal. This is a VERY nice mare!
She foaled 03/20/09 a cute bay stud colt out of a 30 1/4" appy stud. He is very refined, tiny ears, nice dished head and has Sclera and is coloring out appy. At 3 days old he was 18 1/2". SOLD to Trudy Burke of IL


Lil Dreams Legacy of Spirit

SoldLil Dreams Legacy of Spirit, born 03/20/09, AMHA/AMHR, Starting to Roan, Will stay small. He's a Character! Out of Lil-Dreams I'm A Shooting Star
SOLD to Diane and Mike Matteson of Delavan.
Regel Whitley

Whitley left

Click to see her paperssoldAMHA/AMHR ~Foaled 06/06/00
Whiteley is Sorrel Pinto with Paw Prints
She has always had LOUD Pinto babies, BLK/WHT and BAY/WHT She is 30 3/4" tall and Open for your breeding. NEWS FLASH: Just received the papers back, she is Homozygous for Tobiano!
You can see her 2007 Foal on my Foals page... LOUD Blk/Wht
Sold to Julia Buchberger Portage, WI
Lil-Dreams Mis Chief

Pea Wee
Click to see her papersAMHA/AMHR ~ Foaled 07/21/02
Solid Bay ~ Foals easy and downsizes
She is 30 1/2" and has EXCELLENT confirmation. Nice head, perfect bite, straight legs, a very nice mare. Copy of papers on Mares page.
You can see her foals on the 2006 & 2008 foals pages. Currently in training and should be pulling a cart before too long.
Sold to Julia Buchberger Portage, WI
Lil Dreams Painted Lady

Pea Wee

soldAMHA/AMHR ~ Foaled 04/16/08
Lady is a Bay Appy with White over one hip
She has Striped hooves and tons of Modeling so we expect her to color out. She is currently 23" tall.

Stouts Sugar Cream Delite

Sugar is a 30 1/2" Buckskin Appy mare foaled 1999. She is a sweet girl but only selling as a pasture pal. She has had two foals for me and each time near the end of her term she starts coughing. I believe her to be slightly heevy so will only sell as a pasture pal as I don not think she should be bred.

Steely Dan

Steely Dan

soldSteely Dan was born 05/21/07 and a beautiful Steel Blue color with markings that really stand out!
He is out of a gray Jennet 34" and a sorrel/white spotted Jack who is 32 3/4". This guy is a pocket pet, straight legs and perfect bit, does not nip. He trims and loads well.
Sold, will be moving in with Donna Goetz of Elkhorn, WI

Lil Dreams Georgia Peach


Bay mare foaled 03/05/06
Georgia is currently about 29 1/2 " tall. She is shown here with my 2 year old granddaughter Trinity and Autumn (like a daughter to me) She is perfect!
Sold to Judy Halat of New Berlin

Miss America of Rocking K

Red Dun Appy
Foaled 06/14/03, bred to my 30 1/2" Bay Appy stud for 06/08 foal.
She cribs....
Please see the "foals" page for a pic of her filly born 05/09/08!
"Miracle" was born 4 weeks early, red bag and not breathing, you would never know it now!
She will be going to live with Hayden in Elgin IL to be loved and hopefully live a stress free life!

Lil-Dreams I'm on Cloud 9

soldBlack/White Pinto W/Paw prints
Cloud is supper sweet and will stay small. Dam is Sorrel/White Pinto (Whitley on Mares page) and Sire is a Black/White Appy
Sold to Connie Bush from Janesville, WI

A Model War Party

War Party

Foaled 05/11/06 and still under 29" He is a Sorrel Snowacap with a few Black spots, sire was a Leopard.
If you are looking to produce color he could be your ticket.
Sold to Dru and Sam of Whitewater WI

Leyden Acres Little Princess


soldSire is a Bond Rollback doughter
Sissy was foaled 05/04/85 so is 23 years young.
She is Bred for a 04/08 foal. You can see her 2005 Colt on the foals page. Also one of her foals is listed above (Mis Chief).
Sold to Dru and Sam of Whitewater WI
Dru, Sam and Princess are the proud parents of Mocha born 05/09/08

Vesback Red Ginger


soldClick to see Ginger's papersGinger is 33.50" and AMHA/AMHR registered.
She is a Sorrel Pinto and has "Excellent" comformation! Ginger is a wonderful broodmare throws perfect little babies and has Boone's, Van't Huttenest and Stouts all in her third generation on her pedigree.
To see her 2006 foal click here!
To see her 2004 baby click here!

Sold to Connie Bush, Janesville WI

Mickeys Silver Mysteek


Click to see her paperssoldMysteek is a 32-1/2" Blue Roan/Snowflake Appaloosa. She is AMHA/AMHR Registered.
To see her 2006 foal click here!
To see her 2005 colt click here!
To see her 2004 baby click here!
To see her 2003 baby click here!
Scroll down the 2003 baby page there are several of Moon


Lil-Dreams Dash About


soldIs Bay appy with white over her hips. There wasn't any time last year to shave her to see if she has spots. She has nice comfirmation with a beatutiful head, ears, neck. She will come with AMHA and AMHR papers.   Dash will most likely finish between 33" - 34". Although a little shy she is very gentle. Trims and brushes nicely, is a little hesitant about leading away from her comfort zone.
She is being sold because my breeding program is moving towards smaller "A" size minis.
Sold to Connie Bush, Janesville WI

Clearview farms Mary Santana


Click to see her paperssoldMary is a Silver Dapple Appy with a small blanket and large brown spots.  She is of Stouts breeding and is AMHA/AMHR registered.  Mary has a wonderful mellow personality. She even allows the small children to sit on her while she grazes.
Mary now has a 2006 foal. She is being sold because my breeding program is moving towards smaller "A" size minis. She threw this appy colored colt bred to a solid Bay stud. Will sell her uniquely colored appy Colt Splash separately. You can see him on the 2006 Babies page.
Here you can see her 2005 foal and 2003 foal.


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